Auckland Fringe Festival 2013

Posted on February 11th, 2013
Written by Taxi Impact


This Friday (15th Feb) the Fringe Festival kicks off for 2013 and we’re super excited about it. As a sponsor of the Fringe we’re eagerly awaiting the brilliant mix of shows and performances that are always present.

With the ethos that each fringe performance is slightly unique, different and original that has been carried through the promotional campaign as well with the theme “A taxi ride of mystery”. This campaign it’s is another first for us, possibly the world, with passengers being encouraged to perform their own show in the back of the taxi from one of 5 scenarios (robbers, musicals, love, babies being born or celebrities) that have been outlined for them. It should be fun so if you’re in one don’t be shy, hell get the driver involved!

Between the wrapped taxis and Alert taxis being the official taxi supplier to the Fringe they’re going to be at all the events and making sure people get around to see all the shows.

Check out shows and times here.

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