After reaching your audience you
want them to engage with your campaign.

Our exterior and interior formats mean there are numerous opportunities for interaction.


A powerful mixture of elements means the
taxi exterior has a huge connection with
your audience.

Moving media
AC Nielsen research has proved that moving media is more attention grabbing so your advertising gets noticed. (AC Nielsen 2007 Panorama Report). And this means more customers will connect with your messages.

Taxis are right in the thick of it. Because we’re operating at eye-level your messages won’t be missed. And why limit your message to kerbside or roadside? All our formats offer multiple planes of view to generate mass exposure and repetition.

There are now more mobile phones than people in New Zealand. And research has shown that when 0800 and txt call-to-actions are offered up in the same ad, often three times as many people txt rather than call.
Smartphone usage is also increasingly rapidly, which means there are more opportunities for marketers to connect with consumers and drive interaction with our products.


On average, each taxi journey in New Zealand is 14 minutes long and carries 2.4 passengers.

And during this time your brand could be interacting with these passengers and enhancing the huge exterior exposure. But it needs to be done in the right way.

As such, we have three rules for interior formats:

- Engage not intrude

- Reinforce the exterior message

- Surprise and delight for cut-through.

We feel that simply displaying your message in front of consumers doesn’t work hard enough. So we have developed methods, such as branded receipts or product giveaways, door stickers and experiential options that allow you to literally get your brand into the hands and in front of the eyes of your target market.